How were we supposed to know that our little book club would strike such a chord for so many people?  As of this morning, more than 100 websites have written about us, and word keeps spreading. And the responses have been incredibly gratifying. Aside from the one censorious loonybird who warned that we’d never get dates with Nice Boys again because all their friends had seen our tatas (thanks, we’ll take our chances), it’s been nothing but positive comments.  “Okay this is really awesome,” wrote one blogger.  “This is really really cool,” wrote another.  And: “Pretty much all I’ve ever wanted from life (only slightly joking).” And best of all, it’s not guys saying this, it’s other women!

All we can say is: hooray. And thank you. And for the self-descfribed “Rockabilly Burlesque dancer, Ukulele player, Zine Writer, Knitter, Comic Artist, Feminist” who posted, “Can we start one of these in Vegas???  PLEASE!?”, we say: Go for it.  It’s warm out there all year round isn’t it?