IMG_5039So it was hot and hazy today – enough to turn the recent brutal sun we’ve been suffering under into something mild and gentle for our outdoor reading pleasure. It was a smallish group this time, but what was lacking in numbers we more than made up for in enthusiasm. Best part of the day? Probably when two women came by wheeling baby carriages and took one look at us and then one cheerily remarked, “Wish I could do that!”

Of course she could do it – why not? the baby has certainly seen her breasts! – and even if she didn’t do it this time, maybe seeing us out there, comfortable and at ease and enjoying ourselves and not being subjected to catcalls or rude comments, will make it a tiny bit more likely that she will do it someday. Same thing for the couple hundred other people who passed by and now know that women’s nipples, like grass, bumblebees, and hotdog vendors, are something you sometimes see outdoors on a sunny afternoon.