This past weekend saw us planting our flag on another rooftop in midtown – next door to a church, no less! But as Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors,” and there was a very fine fence here, providing enough of a margin of privacy to make us feel comfortable going fully nude rather than just topless. What a marvelous afternoon! Miniature cupcakes, coconut water, 70SPF sunblock, and books ranging from Toni Morrison and Sylvia Plath to David Dodge and Richard Stark.

We’ll have a full report for you shortly – but to whet your appetite, here’s a brief selection of poems penned in the heat of the moment (or the moment of the heat, if you prefer), together with the images that inspired them.

Urban oasis
A beach upon a rooftop
Haiku for bare breasts

The sun beats down upon my head
I think that I shall tan instead
My dorsal side, so pale of cheek,
While reading tales sublimely bleak

Of heists and murders, crosses double,
Lives reduced to smoking rubble
By a femme fatale so fatal
That the fate of her poor mate’ll

Chill your blood and leave you shivering…
Just the thing a book’s delivering
On a blistering August day
Will work to whisk the heat away

Put the camera in the hands of a guy
And the picture lines up with his fly
Yes, we could’ve cropped it 
Or Photoshopped it
But it’s funnier this way, don’t lie

ETA: Just got this contribution from a follower of our blog who asked to remain anonymous…

While reading through wordpress I happened to see
A couple of blog posts appealing to me.
They didn’t have cat pictures, nor were they news,
But the people they featured had books and tattoos.

You all show a courage I wish I possessed
When you go out and read books in public, undressed,
And I wish you the best, for wherever you read–
Your pulp fiction brings class to a city in need.