So–we promised a further report from our rooftop adventure. (See our previous post for our first impressions, and a bit of poetry to go with them.) This was easily one of our best outings ever, even though being on a rooftop meant that we weren’t doing much to advance the cause of public topfreedom.  We do that every other time we head out–this one was just for fun. And fun it was, not least of all because we could go completely skyclad, girls and boys alike.

Now, we didn’t have the roof to ourselves–we were at a boutique hotel in midtown and there were a couple of people in town from San Francisco waiting for their room to be ready. But being from San Fran, they were easygoing and openminded and good humored, even when confronted with eight or nine fully naked book lovers in their midst.

To address some of the questions we’ve gotten since putting up our last post: Sunscreen? Yes, everywhere, and plenty of it. Erections? No, not that we noticed. Reading materials? Some cool books from our friends at Hard Case Crime, plus The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, Beloved by Toni Morrison, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, and Love in the Asylum by Lisa Carey. But that’s not all pulp fiction! No, it’s not; and bottomless isn’t topless; but it was outdoors, and it was coed, and there was plenty of appreciation and society.  So there you go.

And the rain held off! We got to lie around in the sun and the open air, reading and relaxing and munching on tasty things, bare as the day we were born, and laughing and having intelligent conversation with intelligent people, and it was warm and clear and sunny and amazing. As one participant wrote afterwards, “It was essentially pure delight.” Wish you could all have been there to feel what we felt.

ETA: I don’t know whether to be puzzled, intrigued, confused or amused, but a surprising number of you asked why there were no photos this time around of the male member who attended and his, um, male member. The honest answer is that we just didn’t take many pictures of him (I guess next time we’ll make a point of it), but by popular demand (really?) here’s one more.