That’s what one of our members called it, lying back on a lounge chair and surveying the band of happy naked people strewn about the roof of one of midtown New York’s finest boutique hotels: a little bit of Eden in Manhattan. Strolling about, lying on towels or chairs, reading our books, which this time included The Santeria Experience and Mockingjay and Getting Off and Seduction of the Innocent…drinking coconut water and noshing on vegan blueberry muffins (okay, there were some miniature cupcakes from Crumbs too)… There were even some dried apples, to make our Eden complete. But no serpent. All innocence, no shame.

When we reluctantly had to leave at the end of the afternoon, one participant spoke for all of us when she said, “It feels so strange getting dressed, having to put clothes on!” But as long as the weather holds, we’ve got our little G.o.E. to return to.

Ah, almost forgot: one serpent. 🙂