…not with a whimper, nor (whatever some of you might imagine!) with a bang, but with something serene and wonderful: a group of friends gathering in one of New York’s most private public places, atop one of the giant boulders in Riverside Park. This being New York, we did see some glittering fragments of broken glass at the foot of the rock (not to mention a dead rat, the less said about which, the better)…but on top of the rock–we were on top of the world, the last rays of summer sun drizzling down onto us like syrup on a stack of delicious golden pancakes. We certainly felt that yummy. And when the afternoon waned, we took a walk uptown to one of the park’s lovely plazas, for some European-style sunbathing on the European-style stone benches and balustrades.

So…is this really all she wrote? With the summer gone, will the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society go underground, not to be seen again until the thaw comes in the spring?  Well…wait and see.  We might have a surprise or two in store for our fans this fall and winter.  But when the thaw does come–

–when summer once again dapples the leaves and pricks up gooseflesh on our winter-pale hides–

–we will see you again in earnest, and in force, and (of course) in as little clothing as the law of the land allows.

Your Friends
at O.C.T.P.F.A.S.