So here we are, October. Every warm day we get is an unexpected bonus. The leaves have begun to turn, the breeze sprints instead of dawdling, and you hear the steps of winter’s boots in the gravel, approaching. A time for us to chase down the last rays of summer sun, like a straw chasing the last sip of some sumptuous beverage left in the bottom of a glass. Sip…siiiip…and the last trickle delightfully slides down your throat.

2012 has been such a lovely year. We’ve made good friends, read good books. And it’s not over yet! But the days of balmy afternoons on green grasses are at an end. Adieu, mercury straining toward the triple digits! Bonjour, warm socks and sweaters. But before we go, let us display our customary defiance to custom with some photos of our final day in the sun, at lunchtime in the middle of midtown Manhattan’s most crowded little oasis, Bryant Park.