IMG_8113Hot on the heels (and we do mean hot!) of an unseasonably warm December, here it’s early April and the mercury is already hitting 80 degrees. Ample reason to kick off our new season of topless sojourns in the sun a bit earlier than normal.


And if that weren’t enough reason (and it would be, believe me), starting early also gave us a chance to visit Central Park in the company of one of the nicest, most interesting people on the planet, the video blogger-diarist-documentarian known on YouTube as Beckie0, who is briefly in town from her native England. Hats off to Becca (though for much of the day she sensibly and stylishly kept hers on) for being brave enough to taste the New York sun in our company.


And what of the rest of us? Well, we met some new friends and cracked open some new books (including — thank you Hard Case Crime! — early advance copies of new novels by Stephen King and Elissa Wald), discussed the merits of Dr. Who and Benedict Cumberbatch and whether Wallace Shawn is or isn’t adorable, debated the definitions of “dialectic” and “apogee,” ate miniature cupcakes before they melted in the sun, and best of all, felt the sun — glorious, radiant, blessed sun! — on our Vitamin D-starved bare skin. Do our nipples look hard in some of these pictures? That’s just them straining heliotropically toward the sun.


More, please!  More more more more more. It’s going to be a fine summer, and with any luck, a long one.