IMG_8620We returned to one of our favorite urban sanctuaries, the clothing-optional roof of the Colonial House Inn in Chelsea (open only to guests of the hotel, so don’t just drop by hoping to get an eyeful!). This time we had the good sense to bring an inflatable wading pool with us, and thankfully one of our number had the lung capacity to blow it up. Add ice-cold water, half a dozen sun-starved New Yorkers and books, books, books, and you’ve got yourself a party.

This on a day when the weather forecast originally predicted rain! No rain came, just torrents of Vitamin D, splashing down on us and filling us with glee.  On tap for our reading pleasure were RUM PUNCH by Elmore Leonard (the basis for Q. Tarantino’s JACKIE BROWN), JOYLAND by Stephen King (for sure the book of the summer, hitting stores in just two weeks!), and THE SECRET LIVES OF MARRIED WOMEN by Elissa Wald (not hitting stores until October, but…we got an early peek…).  And someone brought HAUNTED by Chuck Palahniuk for good measure.

Fun was had. Our meetings in the parks and plazas of this glorious city are more meaningful, in terms of spreading the word that women can do what we do…but for pure pleasure, nothing beats lying out in the sun completely naked with your friends. Hope all of you get the chance to try it sometime.