IMG_9256The phone’s been ringing off the hook (metaphorically speaking—metaphorical phone, metaphorical hook) ever since we joined forces with Richard Prince’s Fulton-Ryder crew for a topless afternoon in Central Park. Rumor has it that Bob Dylan showed up, paints and easel in hand, and spent the afternoon using us as life models for his latest oil-on-canvas musings.

True? False? Don’t ask us. When we hit the grass for one of our outdoor adventures, we’re focused on our books and each other, not the people all around us. Was there someone with an easel in the distance? Our answer: maybe…?  There almost always is when we visit that particular grove, which is popular with artists of all stripes.  We know there was a bridal party taking photos…some people walking dogs…a guy dressed in what was either a monk’s habit or the world’s most elaborate D&D costume… Was the singer/songwriter responsible for anthems of social change such as “Blowin’ In the Wind” and “The Times, They Are A-Changin'” there, too? If so, he didn’t come over and introduce himself. And we really wish he had. After all, the times, they are a-changin’—and we know a social movement that could use a good anthem.

So, how about it, Mr. Dylan? Whether you were there this time or not, we’d certainly welcome you at another of our events. You can paint us all you want.  The only thing we ask in return is a little bit of the old firebrand poetry to stir the hearts of free-thinking women everywhere. Or should we just repurpose “Blowin’ In the Wind”?

You know how to reach us.