We hear from people every day asking if they could join us at one of our events. We don’t invite many men, but if you’re a woman who would like to try exercising your equal rights sometime, we’re glad to have you join us.

Some of you tell us that you’re interested but nervous. We understand. The first time can be daunting. But if you’re genuinely interested, you should try it at least once. Email us at toplesspulpfiction[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we’ll try to find an upcoming event that fits your schedule.

ETA: We previously had a couple of photos here from a young woman who said she was nervous but wanted to see how she felt if we posted her photos on our blog. We obliged. The result? She appreciated all your comments, but asked us to take the photos down.  She said she might come to one of our events…but for now preferred to retreat from public view. Entirely reasonable. We hope to reintroduce you to her as part of our happy band in the not-too-distant future.