34hA couple of weeks back, we posted some photos from a fan of ours who was trying to get up the nerve to join us at one of our events. Your comments were thoroughly supportive and she appreciated them, but her nerves got the better of her and she asked us to take her photos down again. But she’s still planning to come to one of our events, she says.

Well, here’s another correspondent of similar stripe: a woman who enjoys sunbathing topless or fully nude in the privacy of her own yard, but describes herself as a “virgin” when it comes to going bare-breasted in public.  Will she make it to one of our events? She wants to, she says. She intends to. She will. But first…she wants to share a few photos of her back-yard adventures, as a sort of toe-in-the-water first step.

We’re glad to share them with you, and your comments with her.

And as a reminder to anyone else who’s reading this and would like to be part of our happy band: just drop us a note at toplesspulpfiction[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we’ll make it as easy and comfortable as you could possibly want. There’s really nothing at all to be nervous about. And we’d love to have you.

ETA: One of you wrote to us to ask why we’re asking you to “rate” whether someone is “pretty enough” to join us. That is not at all what we’re asking, and if it came across that way to anyone we want to correct the misimpression. Being “pretty” is not a criterion; we welcome all women, regardless of what they look like.  Posting these photos is just a way of giving this prospective member a chance to feel what it’s like to be topless or naked in front of a few thousand strangers in a way that probably feels safer to her than doing it in real life. That way she can get a sense of whether she feels mortified or elated or something in between, and can decide whether to try it for real. And your comments, which are invariably supportive, might help her feel encouraged to try it.  That’s all. This isn’t some version of “Hot Or Not,” and we would never want it to come across that way.