IMG_0807Questions we got after our last post included, “What happened to your books?” and “If you’re a co-ed group, why don’t we ever see any males in the photos? Are they just shy?”

Well, yes, they tend to be shy about being photographed hanging out with a group of topless women…but also we don’t invite very many. They’ve got to be guys we know well and trust to behave maturely, and even so, we don’t invite too many, because we want our events to remain female-focused. So we rarely have more than one or two guys with us. That said, we do have some, and here is photographic proof. (Or at least an example. This one brought the most delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies ever. We love him.)


And books…we have books galore! We just didn’t carry them to the waterside for our Lady Liberty photos. (Even though Lady Liberty herself is carrying a book, right? What were we thinking??)  But here are some pics that will give you an idea of what we brought this time in the way of reading matter: several copies of Stephen King’s JOYLAND (thank you, Hard Case Crime!), Elissa Wald’s THE SECRET  LIVES OF MARRIED WOMEN, Robert Jordan’s THE SHADOW RISING, and Alek Wek’s ALEK: MY LIFE FROM SUDANESE REFUGEE TO INTERNATIONAL SUPERMODEL. (Among other things. There was also a collection of Spanish poetry and an academic work on a gender studies topic. Didn’t get good photos of those, though.)