octpfas_081513-9475We reported the other day on our trip to the New York Public Library; the same day, we also stopped by Bryant Park, which lies right in the library’s shadow. Once a crime-ridden pit, where the only grass you’d see was the sort you could take home in a little bag, Bryant Park is now a marvelous urban oasis, full of nice places to sit and good things to eat and fun things to do. The day we came, there was a Broadway concert going on, meaning we got to listen to ABBA’s greatest hits while watching people dance onstage and in the audience. There was some hula-hooping as well. In this environment, we barely stood out at all.


Of course, we didn’t go entirely unnoticed: Bryant Park is basically one big open lawn, and when people did notice us, they sometimes did more than just take notice: they took pictures too.  Fair enough, we’re out in public.  But that means it’s fair game for us to take pictures of them, too.  So, for your viewing pleasure: a gallery of the men of Bryant Park, or at least the subset whose motto is “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”