IMG_1589What is it about Brazil? We’ve had visitors to New York ask to join us from time to time while they’re in town, it’s not that unusual. But this summer we’ve been flooded with requests from Brazilians, working or vacationing in New York and eager to try sunbathing topless. Why so many? Part of it may be that in Brazil female toplessness is forbidden—and no, I wouldn’t have guessed that either.  You can’t go topless on the beaches of Rio, where bikini bottoms famously cover only millimeters of skin? Yes.  Turns out, you can wear dental floss below the waist, but reveal a nipple and you’ll get fined, harassed by police, and worse. So Brazilian women need to come to New York to bare their breasts. It’s a strange world.

But we’re proud to have them. This past week, when our destination was Bryant Park, we had two join us. And though they started the afternoon sitting a little apart from the rest of the group and nervously keeping their tops on, at some point they took the plunge. And after that… Let’s just say we’ve never seen smiles so joyful and blissful. (There were some other indications they might have been having a good time as well, as perhaps you can tell.)

So: welcome, women of Brazil. Make New York your second home—your freer one.