IMG_1742So the weather this weekend wasn’t what you’d call great sunbathing weather. It was 70 degrees rather than 80 or 90 and a little breezy and overcast, and once or twice it threatened to rain. But we didn’t let that dampen our enthusiasm for meeting on our favorite hotel rooftop and doing the full-on brunch thing, with mimosas and mini-muffins and a decadent chocolate brioche concoction and, best of all, a selection of fresh tarts from the Sullivan Street Bakery.  Raspberry… peach/almond… plum with ginger… I’m beginning to salivate all over again just typing those words. We do love us some tarts.

And books, of course. And return visits from some of our favorite people, newly back from global travels with exciting stories of their adventures. And first-time visits from some new members who’d been eager to join us for months but had been waiting for a weekend event to do so. We even had two boys in the mix, for gender diversity. It all felt so civilized and cosmopolitan and fun! Why can’t every brunch be a naked afternoon with the smartest, coolest, best-read people you know?