IMG_3171Who says the fall is too cold for strolling shirtless? Not when the mercury flirts with 80 degrees in New York City, not when there’s an open-air food festival to explore near Madison Square Park…


…and not when we have new books to read, hot off the presses from our friends at Hard Case Crime. (By Michael Crichton, no less!)


We enjoyed violin music courtesy of a stylish, vest-clad busker and an impromptu aria or two from what seemed to be an opera-trained flash mob, complete with accordion and baton-wielding conductor. We had interested visits from a photography student from Ecuador and a woman who said she hates wearing bras but hasn’t quite gotten herself over the hump of going topless; both promised to join us at a future event. (If you’re reading this, please contact us! We’d love to have you.) And we enjoyed miniature doughnuts, beef meatballs with brown gravy and pork meatballs with cranberry horseradish sauce, pomegranate lemonade, vegetarian spring rolls and vegetarian buns of some sort, deliriously yummy pretzels from Sigmund’s, and chocolate-chip brioche rolls that one of our eloquent members described as being like eating a cloud.


And when it finally did get chilly we got dressed again.

IMG_3141Oh, and we saw cute dogs. Some so cute we couldn’t resist the temptation to walk over to them.IMG_3096IMG_3104

There’s nothing quite like a walk in the park on a beautiful autumn day.

And then it was time to go. 😩

But this may not be our last adventure of the year. As long as there are days like this, keep your eyes peeled. You never know when you might see us out and about…