IMG_3365It feels like only yesterday it was Halloween. (Well, the day before.) Now here we are and it’s November and what do you know? The sun came out. And it was warm and beautiful, the sort of fall day you almost fear will pop and vanish like a soap bubble if you look at it too closely.

So we didn’t look. We just headed out for the park and its carpet of fallen leaves, got as naked as we could, and soaked up all the Vitamin D old Sol was willing to pump into us. Manga was read, as was an advance copy of BORDERLINE by Lawrence Block. Kitchen tools were discussed, as were breeds of apples. One of us was sporting a new tattoo. One was a first-timer and camera-shy. We saw mounted police on horses. No one bothered us. It was lovely.

How sweet, the last sip from the once-full cup.