IMG_3896Yes, last night it was hailing. And this morning we woke up to the sight of snow, crusting the ground and shining on the roofs of parked cars. Hail. Snow. The week before Easter! But the day before that…

The day before that was our first outing in Central Park for the year, and my, but it was lovely. Grass under our bare feet. Sun on our bare shoulders. A lovely spring breeze. A troupe of incredibly talented acrobats spent the afternoon doing backflips, one after another, and we watched, agog with delight and wonder. And the books we dipped into — some Steinbeck, some Werner Herzog, some Lawrence Block and Samuel Fuller, not to mention some deliriously pulpy adventure yarns about a finder of rare artifacts called Gabriel Hunt.

And the edibles: baked goods courtesy of Pain Quotidien (a last blast of leavening before Passover kicked in for some of us), plus Easter eggs in all the shades of the chocolate rainbow.

It’s good to have a reminder that, yes, indeed, it is spring.

Hail notwithstanding.