octpfas_052614-8130Who us? No, we’re not calling ourselves square…just sharing some more photos of our Memorial Day adventure down in Washington Square Park. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place, and it felt wonderful to lie out in the sun and splash in the fountain with nothing on above the waist, regardless of what configuration we might have been born with below the waist. Chests is chests.

Some decades ago, a male nipple exposed in public would’ve scandalized the neighbors. Today, no one bats an eye. Some decades ago, a female ankle or knee or elbow would’ve done the same. Those restrictions were irrational and look ridiculous to us now. Someday soon we’ll look back on the fear and shame some people feel toward female breasts today and see that it’s just as irrational and ridiculous. We’ll get there one beautiful, warm day at a time, and one brave woman at a time.

octpfas_052614-7975octpfas_052614-8195octpfas_052614-7957octpfas_052614-8220octpfas_052614-8175ETA: Why this last photo? It’s all about the reflection…