IMG_4609Some of you have noticed the sudden appearance of graphic novels in our reading stacks this year. Yes, it’s true: some of us are aficionados of the four-color page. One or two of us even work in the field. And we’ve always had the occasional copy of this or that hiding in the periphery of our photos. But the particular books that have caught people’s eye recently are the mammoth hardcover tomes you see here, sent to us kindly and generously by the editor and artist and graphic designer Craig Yoe. We have no connection to Mr. Yoe; we’ve never met him; we don’t get a commission from him if someone buys one of these things, or from the doctor who gets the business if you develop a hernia from carrying one of them around. We just like them. Enough to make an exception to the “Don’t accept any more free books from anyone” rule we adopted at the start of the year when we saw how many we already had to read and recalled how oh-so-brief summer is. But these gorgeous things…yes, an exception was made.

If you’re into gorgeous things too, don’t deny yourself the pleasure.