IMG_5747We usually meet in the middle of the day, but with sunset not arriving until after 8pm this time of year we have the opportunity to do the occasional after-work event for the convenience of those of us who toil at 9-to-5 jobs. This Friday we met downtown in the vicinity of Battery Park and watched the sun take its leisurely plunge toward the Hudson. Frisbee players and little kids with water guns and sundry other New Yorkers bade the week goodbye as we read Borges and Zadie Smith and Life of Pi and Gypsy Rose Lee’s The G-String Murders. (Isn’t only one of those properly pulp fiction? Well, yes. But it’s fun to branch out from time to time. And we also had a choice selection of morsels from Hard Case Crime, including advance copies of Brainquake and Easy Death, to give us our RDA of pulp in our diet.)

We didn’t quite make it to sundown (it got a bit chilly, forcing us back into our shirts), but it was a lovely afternoon and evening, out by the water, taking the air, our brazen shirtlessness not bothering anyone.  It felt so…civilized. And at the same time, so natural.

Want to join us next time? We welcome open-minded women of all backgrounds, ages, comfort levels, and literary tastes. Just drop an email to toplesspulpfiction[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we’ll add you to our super-secret invite list…