IMG_6378Two of our members told us about a spot in the city we’d never gone to before: Pier 64, part of the rebuilding in recent years along the Hudson River waterfront. What used to be a frightening no-man’s-land has been reconceived as an urban greensward, complete with abstract sculpture, sloping lawns, and views all the way down to the Statue of Liberty and the new Freedom Tower. (Is that name growing on anyone yet? Should we just call it One World Trade Center?)


So,we visited. And it was every bit as beautiful as we’d been led to believe. Fortified with handmade mini-eclairs from the Eclair Bakery on East 53rd and books ranging from our current go-to bit of pulp fiction (Samuel Fuller’s last novel, BRAINQUAKE) to a cool library find (Alexandre Dumas’ GEORGES) to a work of evolutionary biology (SEX AT DAWN by Christopher Ryan), we enjoyed our own variety of afternoon delight.


Was the event spoiled when a scrofulous spectator opted to unzip and pleasure himself a few yards away? Not hardly, thanks to the eagle-eyed member who spotted the infraction and loudly called him out on it, sending him scurrying in search of a rock to crawl under. Otherwise our hours passed blissfully, companionably, peacefully, and altogether too quickly. Day’s end came too soon! And summer’s end looms just past the horizon, with August only days away. How many shopping days left until Christmas? We don’t want to think about it.

Let us bask in the sun, let us while away the eager hours, let us fill ourselves with stories and cream-filled pastry and dreams of warm tomorrows.