IMG_9454Most of us, faced with word of an impending blizzard (“Biggest storm of the last 30 years!”), would make plans to stay indoors. Not us. We marshaled our forces and set out for the frozen heart of NYC. You know how it goes. The cold never bothered us, anyway.

Of course, the “biggest storm of the last 30 years” turned out to be a tempest in a teapot. Not even a tempest really. A flurry in a thimble, maybe. But there was enough snow on the ground for snowmen to sprout like toadstools all over our beloved Sheep Meadow. We even saw one igloo.

And, arctic explorers that we are, we braved the elements in the semi-altogether, books in hand (except when cups of steaming hot chocolate took precedence). Bracing doesn’t begin to describe it.


Snowman construction was a group exercise. We gave it a little head (what? what?), then added some other appendages…


Do we prefer summer temperatures? You bet your ass we do. But it was lovely to be out and about in brazen defiance of nature’s dictates for a change, not just society’s.


Onward. Spring can’t be far off now…