IMG_9581The last time we set out for Sheep Meadow it was filled with snow. This time it was fenced off, presumably so the grass could return in peace. But as today was the first time this year that the temperature broke 60 degrees, we were not to be put off. We climbed to the top of a nearby boulder and celebrated the coming of Spring, the advent of Easter, Erev Erev Pesach, the day after April Fool’s, and all other things celebratory in our own special way.

The park was crowded with would-be sun worshipers, and the occasional biting wind notwithstanding, the sun on our skin felt lovely. Books in our stacks included a forthcoming Hard Case Crime novel irresistibly called SO NUDE, SO DEAD, Ernest Hemingway’s THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO, and Book 5 in the GAME OF THRONES series. And the food we had on hand included brioches shaped like Easter bunnies with raisins for eyes…


…and cupcakes decorated with butterflies and ladybugs. Just because.

Is this the start of our new season? Well, it’s a far cry from the heat of summer, but by god, we’re out of hibernation at last. So, yes: in the spirit of the season, it’s a resurrection of sorts. And we say hallelujah.