IMG_0475It’s hard to find truly private spots in New York City.

Everywhere you go, there’s someone higher up, or if you’re in the park, the grassy spot you choose is probably in view of a half dozen other grassy spots. But there are some hidden little nooks, like this one in Riverside Park, where you can’t be seen from the ground because you’re atop a giant boulder, and you can’t really be seen from the neighboring buildings because they’re not that near and the trees screen you pretty well.


Unless…you come across a pair of resourceful Aussie boys visiting the Big Apple, and they use those trees to their advantage.


Did they really do it to get a better vantage point to watch us from? Or were they trying to impress us with their climbing prowess and disregard for life and limb? (If so, they succeeded. Few things can pull us away from our books, but they succeeded.)


In any event: a lovely afternoon out, made more so by the presence of fresh strawberries, miniature cupcakes from Baked By Melissa (at least until they became Melted By The Sun)…


…and, equally delicious, books by Naomi Novik.


And when the afternoon wore on and the Aussie boys had departed, together with our other friendly neighbors…


…and our private spot was private again…


…we relaxed like it was our own back yard.


Did one of our number even get sun-warmed and cozy enough to sunbathe fully nude on that bouldertop?

Shh. We’ll never tell.