IMG_1014What are the chances? In five summers, we’d only visited Union Square once. This, despite its central location and its proximity to subway stops, a first-rate bookstore, and the city’s busiest greenmarket. So…yesterday we set out for Union Square Park again. It was a gamble, since thunderstorms were being predicted, and had arrived as predicted pretty much every day this week. But we took the gamble, and this time the sun came out and stayed out.


So there we were, sweet fresh cherries in hand, strawberries too, and apple cider doughnuts, and homemade molasses cookies, listening to a classical violinist do his thing at the foot of the lawn, and heavenly doesn’t begin to describe it.


Our books for the day included short stories by Neil Gaiman, a scholarly text on sex and love, a collection of 1950s romance comics, and the latest from our friends at Hard Case Crime. (Even a Hebrew edition of Stephen King’s JOYLAND!)


Was it a perfect afternoon? No. A few aggressive gawkers, such as the fellow from Morocco who plopped himself down next to us and took zero hints that we didn’t welcome his clumsy come-ons, cast a shadow on this otherwise sunny day.


But overall it was a success, the latest in what has been a thoroughly enjoyable summer.

And technically summer doesn’t even start for another two hours!

We can’t wait.