IMG_3475sSome events are huge, some are tiny. The NYC Bodypainting Day festival we reported on yesterday was in the former category — 100 models fully nude in the streets, getting painted before marching to the U.N. But a few days before that we took to the streets of Alphabet City with a few of our stalwart members for our first ever visit to Tompkins Square Park and a project to give away free works of art to random passers-by.


Everyone who passed was offered a felt heart (that is, a heart made of felt — though hopefully they felt the gesture as well) and the chance to take any of the dozen or so works of art hung up on the fence surrounding the park. Some responded with suspicion, some with confusion — but plenty stopped and chatted and a lucky few left with new art for their homes or their friends.


The project, called Hate Street (for reasons you can find if you click through and explore) was the brainchild of two of our members, who also regaled spectators with handstands and music.


And if that wasn’t enough, there was the park right next door, and there were books — and with those things and a felt heart, what more could a girl need?