IMG_3641We love our long-time members, they’re the backbone of our group. Plus they’re our dear friends and we miss them when we don’t see them for too long. But we also love meeting new people! Especially people who love to read, like us, and whom we can introduce to some of the lurid reading material our club is known for.

With the advent of late-July weather (aka “heat”), we have more women contacting us and saying they’re sick to death of walking through the park in two layers (Bra? Check! Tank top? Check!) when all the men around them are waving their nipples and pecs in the open air. And we’re always glad to welcome them. This past Monday, we met up on the lawn right behind Columbus Circle and welcomed several first timers to our not-so-secret society. (Quick aside: if you’re curious and might like to join us sometime, just write to us:


Books on hand this time included not one but two tattered copies of Dune (brought separately by two different people — we predict a love connection!)…


…a new science-fiction anthology featuring a story by one of our members…


…and two new Hard Case Crime releases, So Nude, So Dead and The Girl With the Deep Blue Eyes.


Interactions with folks around us were mostly pleasant and all colorful: the shy youngster who demonstrated his parkour moves for us on an uncomplaining tree; the “Hater Hobo” and his entourage of drummer and horn-tootler, who tried to recruit us to demonstrate against Donald Trump; and the skeptical sounding British lady who seemed uncomprehending when we explained to her that women in New York have all the same legal rights to go bare-chested as men. By the time the afternoon ended, we had also accumulated a loose ring of men around us, but mostly at a respectful distance and not doing anything too bothersome.


When the heat finally kicked our asses, we headed down the block to Grom for ice cream, sorbet and air conditioning.


Next up: a weekend gathering somewhere far, far away (no, not Tatooine, though just think of the sunbathing you could enjoy with two suns!). And then perhaps a TV appearance…? We’ll see. We’ll post more info when we know more.

In the meantime, hope you’re all keeping cool…and well-read…and as naked as you can go without getting arrested.