mousetivity-2Long-time fans of our group know we’ve sometimes invited artists to join us to sketch or paint us while we hang out. Recently, someone told us about a site called “Fiverr,” where artists hang out. So we took a little visit to the site, let a handful of artists whose work we really liked know about this group, and invited them to choose their favorite photos from our blog and get inspired.

The results really knocked our socks off (as if we were wearing any, ha ha), and we thought we’d share some of them with you.

Mousetivity works in the style of the legendary Playboy artist Pat Nagel, and turned us into classic pin-ups:

mousetivity-4mousetivity-1mousetivity-7mousetivity-3Ameagari, who’s based in Indonesia, does digital modifications of photos, turning them into intriguing hybrid portraits:

Ameagari-1ameagari-3ameagari-2And Duffness27 — a young woman living in the Phillippines — made a series of posters that place us squarely in the #FreeTheNipple movement:

duffness27-4duffness27-3duffness27-5duffness27-1duffness27-2duffness27-6We love them all. If there are any other artists out there who’d like to use us as muses, we’d be delighted to see the results! Email them to us at and we’ll post our favorites for the world to see. (That’s also the address to write to if you’re a bold, body-positive woman in NYC who would like to join us for one of our upcoming events — it’s going to be warm again soon…)