IMG_1267Okay — that early advent of spring-like weather didn’t last very long: tomorrow and Monday it’s supposed to snow. (Although by the end of the week it’s going to be in the 70s again. WTF?)

In the meantime, getting topless outdoors is once again strictly for polar bears, and as we are not such, we decided to find an indoor activity to work off some energy. And one of us had the following stroke of inspiration: Why not try pole dancing?

IMG_1170IMG_0968Not a moment later, a dozen of us had made the journey to 27th Street, where the famous Body & Pole studios offer even the most pole-challenged among us the chance to discover her hitherto-undreamt-of upper-body strength and ability to strut like queen of the catwalk. We clambered down to the locker room, got rid of our cold-weather gear–


–and made our way to the main event. What did we find? Mirrors, music, and poles galore, and a brilliantly high-energy, encouraging, cajoling, example-setting instructor named Roz, who didn’t seem to mind too much that we’d stripped down to less than her pupils usually wear.

IMG_0932Are our shoulders sore today? They sure are.

IMG_1054IMG_1376But we can’t remember the last outing that was this much raw fun. We spun and twirled and broke a sweat…

IMG_1030There were back bends:

IMG_1291IMG_1298IMG_1280IMG_1118There was some lights-out prowling:

IMG_1240And some of us climbed our poles and hung, even upside down. What more could you ask of a Friday afternoon?

IMG_1101We recommend it highly, as indoor naked sweat-breaking activities go. It was certainly a lovely way to work out some of the stir crazy that might otherwise have found other, less photographable ways of expressing itself.

IMG_1180IMG_1182IMG_1190IMG_1193IMG_1196Oh, don’t get us wrong — we’ll be glad when the last of the snow passes, and hope to see you outdoors again soon. (Remember: if you’d like to join us and you’re a bold, body-positive woman in the New York area, you can email us at  and get in on the fun.) But in the meantime —

In the meantime.

Poles can sometimes be fun too.