IMG_5171What else did we do over the Memorial Day weekend? (Other than enjoying a street fair on Broadway.) Well, we went to a lovely park — not saying where — and found a lovely secluded boulder — not saying which — and lay out under the sun in a state of undress suitable to the elevated temperature and intense sunniness.

IMG_5606IMG_5531IMG_5215How naked is naked? And how naked is legal? We’re fortunate to live in New York City, where any woman can go topless anywhere and anytime a man can. What about going further? Well, we know that full nudity is permitted in the context of a play or other artistic performance or exhibition, like our recent production of The Tempest in Central Park. The exemption for artistic activities has also enabled photographers like Spencer Tunick to shoot photos of fully nude individuals in public places. We were taking photos as well (as you can see), and we think they’re no less artistic than Tunick’s. So why shouldn’t the same exemption cover us?

In any event, some of us took the opportunity to lose that last shred of fabric.

IMG_5068Did it make a difference? Well, it felt awfully nice. And bothered no one (since no one who wasn’t in our group saw). And made it possible for us to create some photographic art, which we are delighted to exhibit for you here.

IMG_5407IMG_5435IMG_5503IMG_5277Could New York City someday be forward-thinking enough to choose some area in some local park and officially designate it for nude sunbathing? We’d like to think so; we’d like to see that happen. But in the meantime we’re glad that opportunities like this one sometimes exist. It’s lovely to lie topless in the sun. Even more so if you can be topless all over.

IMG_5585ETA: Several of you asked for (to quote one correspondent) “more, please,” including a few who wanted proof that the male member who joined us was in fact as brave as the women and wasn’t secretly wearing a C-string or something like that.

Happy to oblige. We got lots of great photos this time.