IMG_7365Maybe you just moved to New York. You used to live somewhere else, somewhere down south maybe, where it’s warm a lot but people are more conservative than in New York, and consequently they wear clothing all the time. Like, ALL the time. Lying on the beach some people wear more there than you see people wearing to ride the subway here! But still, there are lines you thought couldn’t be crossed even in New York. You’d never seen a woman out in Central Park with nothing on above the waist, so why in the world would you think that was permitted?

But it is. And when you find that out, you just have to try it for yourself.

IMG_7372And it feels just about as wonderful as you thought it would: free and warm and wild and natural and delicious.

IMG_7390Gone is the city of steel and concrete and people talking into Bluetooth headsets as they careen around the sidewalks in business suits. Everything around you is green and alive and peaceful. A bird flies from branch to branch above your head. You’re very nearly as naked as she is. This is too good.

IMG_7428IMG_7424You want to tell everyone about this experience. You want your friends to get to feel what it’s like. You want to do it again yourself, and you want to do it with other women.

So you write to You join our group. And you get to do it all summer long.

IMG_7472It’s not make-believe.

IMG_7479It’s just happily ever after.