IMG_8202Our 4th of July was not all about educating the police in the laws of New York — before and after our blue-suited friends showed up, we spent a blissful afternoon in the pursuit of happiness, and we want to show you that side of the day as well.

IMG_8442Food treats included pastries from the legendary Dominique Ansel (yes, including two cronuts!)…

IMG_8136…while books included classics (Isaac Asimov’s The Stars, Like Dust! Kafka’s Amerika!)…

IMG_8358IMG_8290…non-fiction (Freakonomics! Please Kill Me!)…

IMG_8242IMG_8415…graphic novels (Sex Criminals! The Misadventures of Jane!)…

IMG_8441IMG_8396IMG_8292…and the yet-to-be-published (Quarry In the BlackThe Knife Slipped!).

IMG_8206Our companions included one member’s 3-year-old daughter (who briefly went bottomless, the little nudist) and another’s gorgeous parrot, represented in both actual and tattoo form.

IMG_8145IMG_8128We enjoyed the shade and the sun,

IMG_8186IMG_8198cthe grass and the waterside promenade,

IMG_8221IMG_8329vigorous activity and lazing around.

IMG_8326IMG_8187And we made many new friends, ranging from these 12-year-old boys

IMG_8283 to women of all ages who were astonished and/or delighted to learn that female toplessness is as legal as the male variety.

IMG_8367If you’re astonished and/or delighted yourself and would like to give it a try, we’re just an email away (, and we welcome inquiries from any bold, body-positive women in or visiting the New York area.

We’ve got eight weeks of summer left — don’t miss your chance to enjoy them the way they were meant to be: with liberty and justice for all.