IMG_2395Two summers ago, we scoured the city to find a hotel with a rooftop pool that would let us come and swim topless. All but one expressed horror at the idea. That one — the Dream Hotel Downtown — said that topless sunbathing and swimming was of course fine. And they of course got our business.

IMG_1981We had such a good time, we returned for a second go-round last summer, and this week we came for our third visit. For the record (and in case any of the Dream’s competitors are reading this, and we know they are), no other guests at the pool complained and no one seemed to mind that both men and women were enjoying the pool bare-chested. The Dream has now enjoyed several thousand dollars of our patronage, not to mention whatever incidental benefit publicity on this blog might confer, with no negative side effects whatsoever. Other hotels might do well to reconsider their senselessly restrictive, sexist policies. We’re looking at you, Hotel Americano.

IMG_2217But enough editorializing. Back to the fun stuff. Which in this case included a nice shady cabana for getting out of the sun,

IMG_1609IMG_2154Some truly delicious champagne–

IMG_2610IMG_1909–and nibbles,

IMG_1694IMG_2574Hanging out both in the pool–

IMG_1861IMG_1874–and on the pool (fun with inflatables, yay!),

IMG_2458IMG_2425Showing off new hairstyles,

IMG_1985IMG_1986Taking selfies,

IMG_2178And of course reading some wonderful books, ranging from the serious poundage of Infinite Jest to the tawdry pulp pleasures of Sinner Man. (Each a wrist workout in its own way, as one wag observed.)

IMG_2358IMG_2777IMG_1716Best of all was hanging out with friends, and holding the onrushing end of summer at bay for one more glittering, timeless afternoon.

IMG_2277IMG_2484IMG_2434And while we may not have another pool adventure in the works this year, we’re not letting the summer slip from our grasp without a fight. If you’re in the city and would like to join us for one of our end-of-summer flings, we welcome inquiries from all brave, body-positive women (or even timid, body-positive women — we were nervous our first time too). Email us at and let us know a little about you. We’d love to meet you sometime, before warm afternoons are once more just a thing of legend.