img_4831So there we were, in Central Park, reading our comic books. But was everyone doing that? No, of course not. Some of us were reading book books,

img_4869some were enjoying hot chocolate and baked goods,

img_4928some experimenting with a deck of tarot cards (yeah, tarot cards — wanna make something of it?), and some just basking in the unseasonably warm, sunny weather.

img_4876img_4948img_5004Is it different enjoying the afternoon topless in a city park in the fall, as compared to the summer? A little. You’re apt to be the only person around who doesn’t have a shirt on, never mind no top on at all; in the summer, there are sunbathers galore. But no passers-by stared or gave us a hard time. One fellow stopped by and offered to share some hash with us (we politely declined, both his hash and his company), but that was it for awkward encounters. Do the occasional chilly breezes make the outdoors less inviting? Not at all. I don’t think any of us would trade a beautiful 75-degree day with changing foliage as a backdrop for the sweaty 95-degree days of August.

img_4788But there is a subtle melancholy that pervades any autumn gathering — the knowledge that days like this are in short supply and a long, cold winter is coming. You value each golden ray that much more when you know it’s going to be a while before you get the chance again. Just thinking of all the new friends we made this summer, and the freedom we enjoyed, some of us for the first time ever — it’s gratifying, and so hard to let go of!

img_4914img_4880Well, the spring will come again, and so will we. But if you’re a body-positive woman in the NYC area and would like to hang with us even while it’s cold out, we have some indoor events planned for the colder months and would welcome the chance to meet you at one of those. Just email us at

And in the meantime?

This Wednesday it’s supposed to hit 80 degrees. Yes, 80 degrees on October 19. Just saying.

We’ll be there.