img_5206The last two days were chilly, windy; the days before were those things and rainy, too. But Tuesday? Tuesday, improbably, the temperature got up to 80 degrees, and the sun shone down like a memory.

img_5213Carpe diem, they say — and carpe we did, with both hands. Only a few of us made it out to Central Park at lunchtime, but those who could did, and enjoyed cupcakes from Magnolia,

img_5276advance copies of Gregory Mcdonald’s SNATCH, the glorious colors of the changing foliage, and a live saxophone soundtrack courtesy of one of Central Park’s itinerant troubadours. (We’d call him a wand’ring minstrel, but he was playing Rodgers and Hart, not Gilbert and Sullivan.)

img_5179img_5268What more could we ask for? Well, a few months of this weather rather than a few hours. But that would be greedy. We’ll take what we can get. And when the spring comes, we’ll be glad to get more.

In the meantime, don’t think the cold weather means our merry band will stop meeting! We’ll just shift to indoor venues and more creative outlets for our topfree impulses. As always, if you’re a body-positive woman in the NYC area and would enjoy hanging with like-minded souls, please contact us, since we’d love to meet you. Write to us at There may just be a spa day in your future…