img_9792There’s something magical about how winter cedes its place to spring in New York.

Just two weeks ago, Central Park looked like this —

img_9229—–and it took a lot of bravery, of a different sort than we usually exhibit, to take your shirt off in the blasting cold.

img_9243A fortnight later, and it’s in the mid-sixties — practically balmy! — and people are taking their tops off left and right. And by people we of course mean men.

img_9746So why not us? Why not, indeed.

img_9753img_9759The surprise onset of warmer weather meant we couldn’t get a proper group together in time to carpe the diem, but one of our long-time members (Not even 18 yet the first time she contacted us! And now 22 — how time flies) decided today was a day for soaking up some Vitamin D.

img_9789TL/DR: The trees are still bare, and so are we. And all be want to say about that (setting aside any consideration of global warming) is: what a wonderful world.

img_9770P.S. Want to join us the next time it’s warm enough to get topless in the great outdoors? We always have room for one more. If you’re a body-positive woman in NYC and either know you want to try this or are trying to work up the nerve, drop us a note:

There’s no other feeling quite like it. And there’s no reason only men should get to enjoy it.