IMG_9821Last week, we told you about how we worked with an outfit called Doob to create little 3D-printed replicas of ourselves, and promised to show you some more photos of the end results. Herewith, then: the end results. Photographed outdoors and in, uptown and down, it’s us in miniature, taking over NYC.

First, we unboxed ourselves near Times Square —

IMG_9806IMG_9812IMG_9826Then a subway ride down to Washington Square Park put us squarely in the midst of the International Women’s Day march.

IMG_5578IMG_5593IMG_5598IMG_5607In City Hall Park, where the mayor does his work, we found a central spot where brides and grooms and tourists pose for selfies, and we thought, why not?

IMG_5838IMG_5893IMG_5923It turned into a teaching moment when a young boy with mom in tow walked over.

IMG_5875“What are those…bumps?” the curious lad asked, pointing. Never too young to hear the answer. Chests come in different shapes and sizes. The explanation satisfied everyone.

IMG_5876Back uptown we visited an office with a high-rise view:

IMG_9837IMG_9845IMG_9863IMG_9883And then back in the bubblewrap we went, for safe transportation home.

IMG_9828Some of you have asked if you could order copies of our Doobs, and in theory we could arrange that, but each one of these things cost a couple hundred dollars, and you only get a 20% discount for printing duplicates. So realistically it’s prohibitive. But if you like what you saw and do have the money, why not head over to Doob and get one made of yourself? Honestly, there’s nothing quite like holding yourself in the palm of your hand.