IMG_6741Twenty-five years ago this summer — in July 1992 — a New York court ruling established that women can’t be punished for going bare-chested in public places if men weren’t punished for doing the same thing.

This landmark ruling changed lives. Not just the lives of the particular women involved in that particular court case, although it certainly did that. But the lives of all the women of New York, including women who weren’t even born yet. Maybe especially ones who weren’t born yet.

IMG_6452Some of our members are in college today. Some are still in high school. And they’ve never known a time when, as women, they had to hide their bodies while their brothers and male cousins were free to walk unashamed in the sun. They’ve known from birth that it is their right — their equal right — to inhabit the body they were born into and to display it or cover it as they choose.

IMG_6616IMG_6625IMG_6648Of course, not every woman does know this, even in New York; and not every woman who knows it has been brave enough to try it, even if she would dearly like to (especially on a day when the temperature inches up into the 90s and boob sweat is a thing). And some of those brave enough to try it have had to deal with stares and catcalls and unwelcome approaches from men if they’ve tried it by themselves rather than in a group of like-minded friends.

This is why we exist: to provide ourselves and other women an opportunity to exercise our rights, free from interference, safe, relaxed, and happy. That’s what we did yesterday, on Central Park’s East Green, and it’s what we’ll be doing all summer long. If you’re a body-positive woman in the New York area, we hope you’ll join us. All it takes is an email to, and we’ll find an event we can get you to.

Some are more private, some more public; some more active, some more relaxed. Some are fully nude, if we’re somewhere where we have the luxury of doing that. We’ll find the right one for you.

IMG_6466In the meantime,  enjoy this glimpse of the first really hot day of the Summer of 2017 — 25 years on from the momentous and eventful Summer of 1992. We had books (Girl on a Train! Turn on the Heat!)…

IMG_6639We had delicacies (strawberries! kombucha!)…

IMG_6475IMG_6674We had junk food (America Runs on Dunkin’!).

IMG_6576IMG_6602IMG_6684What we had mostly was a great time.

IMG_6525IMG_6444IMG_6420Bare your breasts. Breathe deep. Be free.

It’s your right.