IMG_7376We are America.

IMG_7213We are gay and we are straight. We are black and white and red all over. We are thick and thin, students and teachers, teenagers and old souls.

IMG_7445IMG_7324We are hungry and we are full.

IMG_7338IMG_7429We are in love and we are solitaires.

IMG_7237IMG_7326IMG_7323We are readers of books. Of Maya Angelou and Walter Mosley and Chester Himes. Of Donald Westlake, Erle Stanley Gardner, and Max Allan Collins. We are lovers of the written word, the spoken word, the freedom to speak and to write and to read any words we choose.

IMG_7208IMG_7383IMG_7404We are lovers of the human body, of our bodies, of the freedom to inhabit our bodies without shame or prejudice.

IMG_7228We are proud.

IMG_7276IMG_7293We are world travelers, we are New Yorkers.

IMG_7198We are rain and sun.

IMG_7187We are are ink on the unwritten page.

We are tomorrow.