IMG_0665Did we mention we love to read?

We do. We’re not the sort of book club where everyone reads the same book at the same time and comes prepared to discuss Chapter 27 — but we are a book club, and we all come prepared with whatever book we’re reading at a given time.

IMG_2835For some of us that means schoolwork — a study guide to the MCAT, for instance.

IMG_0661For others, it might be a graphic novel like Peepland by Christa Faust and Gary Phillips, all about New York in the seedy, pre-Giuliani days of live sex shows in Times Square.

IMG_0561IMG_0651IMG_0681Or SoHo Sins, an art-world whodunit by Richard Vine about an art collector who confesses to murdering his wife (but did he really?), which got a bunch of angry 1-star reviews on because of a Lolita-ish subplot (“Avoid this pedophile-friendly trash!”) but is actually really, really good.

IMG_0628The point is, we love to read, and don’t draw a line between respectable reading and scandalous, between high and low. Or between what we ought to read and what we read as a guilty pleasure. All reading is good.

IMG_0564Similarly, all reading is good whether you do it fully clothed or half naked — and if anyone is scandalized by that, well, that’s just too bad. Sometimes the world is better for having a little scandal in it.

IMG_2851cSpeaking of high and low, all reading is also good whether you do it lying flat on the grass by Manhattan’s waterside–

IMG_0675IMG_0569–or up on the elevated park (once a railroad for deliveries to the meat-packing district) called the High Line. Though admittedly we did more walking than reading up there.

IMG_0791IMG_0798Not to mention on our way to and from.

IMG_0699IMG_0712IMG_0727Hats off (and shirts!) in particular to our two first-timers, who joined us proudly and had their first day of outdoor topless pulp fiction appreciation. We have a feeling they’ll be back. 🙂

IMG_0776If you’d like to join them sometime — if you’re a body-positive woman and either bold enough to do this enthusiastically or curious enough to maybe try it a little timidly — we’d love to hear from you. Email us at

Everyone needs a little more reading time — and a little less bra time.