IMG_1212Most places in New York look like they’re in New York. Even most places in Central Park do. You don’t have to look far to see tall buildings, or crowds of people, or to hear traffic rushing by on the nearest pavement, honking as it goes. But there are some spots, small and secluded, where the city retreats — or is held at bay, almost as if by an invisible protective shield, like the one protecting Themyscira in Wonder Woman.

IMG_1171IMG_1357One of these is our secret meadow up near the north end of Central Park. We won’t say any more about where to find it, since we’re happy for it to remain our little secret. But passers-by are few and if you lie in the grass you see nothing but blue sky, hear nothing but nature. And we happily took full advantage of being alone in nature.

IMG_1465IMG_0912cWe sketched each other (even when a butterfly landed on our artist’s sketchpad).

IMG_0984IMG_1279IMG_1006We partook of baked goods from the 100-year-old Orwashers bakery.

IMG_0995We posed dramatically against an imposing boulder.

IMG_0864We read — of course we read.

IMG_1418IMG_0900And we inducted a couple of first-timers into our sorority of kickass bare-breasted amazons. (While we’re on the subject, why weren’t Wonder Woman’s people topless in the movie? You live on a tropical island with nothing but women around, and not one of you takes her top off? We call b.s.)

IMG_1410IMG_1464IMG_1308At one point some teenagers came by to smoke pot on a nearby rock ledge — secret meadows have other uses too. But for the most part we had the place to ourselves, and what a lovely afternoon it was!

IMG_1436IMG_1438Would you like to be one of our first-timers next time? If you’re a body-positive woman in the NYC area, send us an email at August is almost upon us, and September coming hard on her heels — don’t let the summer pass you by. You can be a bare-breasted amazon too!

Join us. You deserve to have an afternoon lying fearless and proud and laughing in the sun.