IMG_6608By now our favorite spa should be hip-deep in the renovations they’ve been planning for months and months — but those renovations have been delayed, and that means we got the opportunity to indulge one more time before the sledgehammers come out.

IMG_6547Fourteen of us showed up, a mix of old-timers and first-timers (a couple of second-timers, too), and spent the better part of an evening soaking in tubs filled with rose petals, whole lemons, and herbs that put us in mind of chicken soup…

IMG_6573…as well as baking in the 180-degree heat of a sauna supposedly fashioned of precious stone. (It’s definitely stone. Whether the stone is precious or not, who knows? But the sensation of being in there surely is.)

IMG_6589IMG_6594And for the record, naked is definitely the way to soak in a hot tub or lie in a sauna. Who in the world would prefer having a clingy wet swimsuit on, or a heavy robe, or even a towel? You want your skin exposed to the warm air, the warm water. The idea of a spa that requires you to cover yourself is like a mani-pedi place that requires you to wear gloves and Doc Martens the whole time.

IMG_6575There were also massages for everyone and some delicious Korean barbecue with soju to finish the night. Delicious all around.

IMG_6563And now it’s April! We probably have one more indoor event in us before it’s warm enough for us to meet outdoors, but it’ll start feeling like spring before you know it. We’ll be out in Central Park, bare as the law allows, enjoying the sun and the breeze and the freedom. Wouldn’t you like to join us sometime? If you’re a body-positive woman in the New York area who might like to discover what it feels like to take your shirt off in the park with a group of other warm, friendly, like-minded women, send us email: We welcome the bold and the merely curious and everyone in between.

And we would love to hear from you.