IMG_0623This past week, the weather in New York skipped over spring entirely and went directly to summer. 92 degrees! That’s high even for summer. And just a week ago it was 46. No matter. We’ve given up trying to figure out the climate. Instead, we went to Central Park to see the cherry trees in bloom.

IMG_0636It was a midday event on a weekday, so just a couple of us came out, but it was no less beautiful for all that.

IMG_0258IMG_0470The crook of a branch made a lovely seat, even if we did get chased out of the perch by a group of grade-school boys who made it clear to us that this was their tree, and they always climbed it at 3pm when school let out, and they weren’t going to change their afternoon ritual for anyone.

IMG_0314IMG_0350IMG_0372Once again: no matter. Central Park is big and bountiful, and there are hills and rocks and lawns to lie on–

IMG_0385IMG_0425IMG_0443–and other trees to greet with ardor–

IMG_0563–and of course the Central Park Reservoir to go visit for a post-ardor smoke.

IMG_0653IMG_0683A less-than-well-informed Central Park Conservancy employee drove up at one point and half-heartedly tried to hassle us about being topless, but he was in the wrong, we told him he was, and he grumbled off into his truck again.

IMG_0294.jpgAside from that one minor annoyance, it was as lovely an afternoon as it could’ve been. And we look forward to returning soon!

Would you like to join us? All open-minded, body-positive women are welcome. Just email us at We’ll be glad to let you into our secret cherry grove. 🙂