IMG_2143School’s out…there’s a Star Wars movie in the theaters…grocery stores have broken out the hot dog buns and the red white and blue…it may not officially be summer yet, but we’re calling it. Finally. Enough with the cold, enough with the rain, and enough with the clothes.

IMG_1605As those of you who’ve followed our adventures for a while know, it’s legal in New York for women to go topless anywhere a man can. But you rarely see women doing it, even when the weather would easily justify it. Why? Either because people don’t know it’s legal (or aren’t 100 percent certain it is — though it absolutely, 100 percent is) or, even if they do know it’s legal, because they’re worried about what might happen if they tried it. The result: when we came to the lush and lovely East Lawn in Central Park this weekend, we saw this…

IMG_1124And even this…

IMG_1128But until we showed up, not this:

IMG_1980So we had a job to do. Our mission is to act as a sort of aide-memoire, reminding everyone in shouting distance that going shirtless is every woman’s right. Well, it’s your right if you live in New York — and it should be your right everywhere.

What did we do with this right of ours? Just enjoyed it. We didn’t shout, we didn’t don balaclavas or hoist picket signs — there are times for that, but we prefer simply leading by example. We swiftly got rid of what limited waist-up garments we wore to the park–

IMG_1161IMG_1521(We might, in some cases, briefly have disposed of some waist-down garments as well. It was just such a nice day.)

IMG_1874IMG_2111We brought out snacks courtesy of Driscoll’s and Starbucks

IMG_1549IMG_1378IMG_1629…which not only supplied calories but enabled a recreation of The Creation of Adam.

IMG_1330We dove into books by Jeff VanderMeer

IMG_1642IMG_1727and Jeffrey Eugenidies

IMG_1911IMG_2016and some people not named Jeff.

IMG_1765IMG_1676Between the food for thought and the plain old food, our appetites were well sated — especially when you add in the sun and the breeze and the neighborly dog who came over for petting and belly rubs, and the absolute and utter lack of fuss made by anyone at all over our bare chests. One infrequent member marveled at it: No one’s bothering us. No one’s saying anything. No one’s staring.

Right. Exactly. And that’s just the way it should be.

Freedom should always be this easy and feel this good.

IMG_2218If you would like to take part in one of our events this season — if you’d like to feel this free and this good — please email us at We welcome all women, whether you’re a veteran of topless beaches or a nervous first-timer. Write to us. Ask any questions you have. Come once to try it for yourself. But don’t deny yourself this pleasure and this privilege.

It’s your right as much as it is any man’s.