As we approach the end of our our 8th turn of the calendar, it’s fun to look back on years gone by — especially when it’s too cold outside to make a lot of new memories. We thought it would be fun to look back at our site’s logs and see which photos have caught your eye the most, judging by how many times you, our visitors, clicked on them.

Here’s our most eye-catching visit to the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park:

AS_2382…and Cedar Hill:

0706-zz…and the lawn by the boat pond:

AS_2355…and the Dene:

IMG_7381…and of course Sheep Meadow (we love Central Park!):

GroupInCPWe also love Washington Square Park, where this was apparently our most eye-catching snapshot:

Park-g…though this came in a close second:

IMG_9950Then there’s Battery Park:

MadisonSq-e…and Prospect Park, in Brooklyn:

IMG_7462Speaking of Central Park and Prospect Park, here’s our most eye-catching curtain call after performing The Tempest in the former:

IMG_5038…and the latter:

img_3506Our most eye-catching visit to the Statue of Liberty:

IMG_0864…and to the New York Public Library:

octpfas_081513-9618Behind the library, there’s Bryant Park, where this is our most popular seated photo:

1005-b…and this our most popular standing one:

IMG_1408Our most eye-catching visits to our favorite rooftop sundeck:


IMG_2965…and to an Upper West Side rooftop we visited only once (the neighbors were scandalized):

IMG_5605Our most eye-catching visit to a spa:

img_6757…and to the pool at the Dream Hotel:

IMG_8223Mt. Tom, the giant boulder in Riverside Park, called to us:

0921-f…and so did the Hudson waterfront:

IMG_6384Our most eye-catching Halloween (this was at Lincoln Center):

IMG_3283Our most popular image eating pizza:

IMG_0693…and our most eye-catching earrings:

IMG_1815Our most popular photo illustrating that we are, in fact, a co-ed group:

img_7954c…and our most popular illustration that co-ed is overrated:

IMG_7527The most eye-catching time a random stranger decided to join in:

IMG_6928…and the most eye-catching time a random stranger’s eye was caught:

1510_STUK_TOPLESSSOCIETY_0129To finish, our most eye-catching snow day!

IMG_9454More to come — particularly more snow, in the near term. If you’d like to be part of the fun, drop us a note. We welcome all body-positive women who live in New York or are just passing through.

Let’s make some memories together. 🙂