We’ve done acroyoga before — that’s the sort of yoga you do with a partner so you can lift each other into the air, balance each other on your feet, turn each other around like a seal with a beach ball. But we’ve never done it with a team of four instructors — from France, no less! — who somehow made it seem utterly effortless.

Of course, we didn’t start out up in the air ourselves. We started out dressed, for one thing, and that had to be rectified.

And then before launching ourselves into the acro portion, we started with some ordinary yoga to get ourselves loose and limber.

Then we sat and watched some demonstrations, and if we look mesmerized, that’s because we were.

And then it was our turn. Were we as smooth as the pros? Of course not.

That’s why every pair was actually a threesome, with one person on spotting duty, to help the “flyer” stay balanced or catch her if she fell.

But it took surprisingly little time for us to find the rhythm of the thing.

What came next? Well, more advanced moves, for one thing, and some techniques to turn acroyoga into acromassage. But we’ll save those for Part 2. For now, let us just say that getting free from the bonds of gravity that ordinarily tie us to the ground is just as liberating and exhilarating as freeing ourselves from the bonds of convention that ordinarily keep us in shirts and bras even as men all around us carelessly, casually go top-free in the sun. We believe in freedom of all sorts. And if you do too — or even if you’re tempted but nervous — we would love to hear from you. Email us at toplesspulpfiction@gmail.com or find us on Insta or Twitter. We’ll get you up in the air — or at least your shirt on the ground! — in no time.