So…where were we?

If you read our last post, you know we met recently at a studio in midtown to learn acroyoga from a team of four instructors from France; that acroyoga is a form of exercise that involves using your feet to lift each other off the ground and balance each other in midair; and that when we practice this form of exercise we do it shirtless, just like guys do all the time without anyone thinking there’s anything strange about it. We watched our instructors demonstrate moves and then we tried duplicating them ourselves.

And what did we do after mastering some of the basic moves? Well, we went back to watching, to learn some more advanced stuff.

Some of us were brave enough to attempt the more advanced moves. You’ll be glad to hear (though not half as glad as we) that there were no injuries.

What there were, though, were cases of muscle soreness — hell, some of us came into the room with muscle soreness. So our instructors moved on to demonstrating acromassage: getting your partner up in the air and then using your feet and hands to twist and stretch them like you were making hand-pulled noodles.

Did we attempt those master-level moves? Well, maybe we were just a tiny bit less ambitious. Gotta walk before you can run, and all that. But we did enjoy a bit of good old-fashioned terrestrial massage.

And then we started changing to head out. But in the process we discovered — well, two of our members discovered — that we had a pair of underwear buddies in the room.

Which struck the two of them as a photo op not to be missed. Two of the instructors were kind enough to elevate them for an undie-forward acro moment.

And then — why not? — a photo op of their own.

Since this event, the weather has happily been warming up — only a tiny bit, but you can see the first buds of spring creeping onto the branches in Central Park. So pretty soon we won’t be limited to indoor events. But we have at least a few more coming before putting the winter behind us. If you’d like to join the fun, drop us a note:

Next up? Naked baking. 🙂