The summer of 2020 ended on September 22, but lingering breaths of warm weather have been teasing us ever since. And we’ve been taking advantage of every last one. If it’s somehow 70 degrees on Halloween, we’ll be out there, eating our Skittles and candy corn in the altogether.

But Halloween is still weeks away, and it was more weeks away when we took our last visit of the year to the hidden clearing in Central Park where we enjoy the luxury of solitude and the concomitant freedom to get naked in the sun. Yes, generally it’s only toplessness that is permitted in public places in New York, but there is an exception for the creation and exhibition of art, and photography is art. In any event, solitude means no one sees. And how can you meet a giant balancing boulder with anything less than your full naked self?

Of course, the giant balancing boulder is only one of the spot’s many charms, and we enjoyed the rest in our usual, eponymous style.

(Eponymous! Concomitant! Who knew a visit to our blog would be more demanding than the SAT?)

What did we do all afternoon? Bask. Stretch. Share tales of pandemic-era woe, like the time opening a jar of hot sauce led to a finger brace.

Read, of course.

Munch, of course.

And sew masks. Because pandemic.

And then…and then…we went home, knowing fall and winter were nipping at our heels. But we’re grateful for the last days of peace and pleasure, warmth and comfort.